Perry Marshall

The only thing you need is traffic…


“It’s been said of Perry Marshall that he is a stickler for the truth. In fact, some have said he seems incapable of telling a lie. When he consults (one of his big ticket income sources) he carefully reviews the company first to decide whether it will benefit before accepting the job. He won’t take a job just because someone offers him money.

Marshall knows his subjects inside out. When he says he is the king of Google adwords, he means it. He really know it inside out and upside down. Actually he says he’s one of a hand full of experts on the topic. He never over-sells himself.

Besides just putting out a product like his Google Adwords product, he keeps his buyers up to date. He doesn’t let his materials get stale and outdated. For example, Google Adwords is constantly adding and changing features and Marshall is quick to keep his customers up to date, and discuss not only the change, but the bottom-line effect and evaluation of each one.

Besides my own research, I’ve found dozens of customer comments about his products, and asked many others for their comments. The result is always the same. “Perry Marshall is a genius and his stuff works!…”

The only thing you need is traffic…