So, the Friends in Business Marketing Group has never been an affiliate company. Such a marketing group, meaning rather a common interest in earning money (and we all have such an interest) is, still, to be invented, but in some strange way I have created, with this phrase, a possibility to stress my presence in the net, and to – step by step – understand the reason of such an inconvertible existence. Trying to build my site I have learnt almost all about the SEO, and read almost all Gurus’ truths about it, and I can, quietly, express an opinion that the SEO has nothing to do with IT and the first place at the Google’s has nothing to do with selling a product, if you have not a product to sell (and I realised that I had nothing to sell, here, in this site, except some knowledge taken from other Gurus). That is why I have decided to run in an opposite direction, and to create my product from these few elements of popularity I possess. All the knowledge I have got come from Perry Marshall, and from people of his group (f.ex. Glenn Livingston, Ph. D.), you can find links to them, also, on this page. You can, also, notice that formulations I propose are, in some way, a short version of all their proposals.

PPC (Product Popularity Conversion) offers free information for those who need an efficient and FREE Marketing system that really works!

The SEO is a very serious business and a struggle to obtain a good place in search engines is a serious struggle, implying an actual knowledge of the Internet reality (which, in fact, is a mirror of our life, with all our joys and problems). This is not a lottery (you can win a million in a lotto, but you are not going to earn anything, if you do not know your job). Such sites as mine can help you giving a direct access to what the authors of our articles think, being their thinking an expression of the knowledge and experience. You need to learn, we all need to learn, without a break, all our life long, as the knowledge is the only way to save our freedom (that is, to be financially independent).

The author of this site: Andrzej Szadkowski, M.A. – Internet Marketer, England/Poland.