1. A Handshake

Friends in Business Marketing Group is a phrase (rather “a long tail keyword”) that has put our site at first places in Google within like 300 000 000 results (total in all combinations), but with no conversion at all (if you want to check it, please, do it, because it’s amazing), but – as an actual entity, it has never existed, because – probably, but we are not sure – friends have nothing to do with making money… (more here).

We prepare small Online shop sites using Woocommerce and Prosociate plugins (directing to Amazon). You can see examples at wine-cellars.atranspl.com, or horror-movies.atranspl.com. Feel free to order such sites, using our contact form.

We localize your classic and mobile web sites in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Polish, Chinese and Japanese. We, also, convert classic web sites into mobile ones. Every customer gets a single offer after having contacted us (using a form from our contact page).